(Blog #1) MOTIVATION to Write… ;-P

I’ve known about ‘blogs for years and have also understood what they were for. While I have considered writing a “Web Log” (as they were first called) several times in the past, both my lack of motivation and sense of having little to nothing to offer, kept me from making anything a reality.

I still lean towards believing my thoughts and feelings about this mortal experience are simply that: MY thoughts and feelings and are worth no more “than the next person’s” and therefore of little value to anyone outside myself. (Please don’t mistake such an expression though, as any sort of a manifestation of low self-esteem. I esteem my TRUE SELF in the utmost, but often find myself dissatisfied, frustrated and even annoyed with the “mortal coils” I occupy, especially as the steady march of time brings about less elastic skin, less limber joints. slowing metabolism, dulling mental faculties, etc., etc.)

Nevertheless, my desire to write is now strong enough ATM (at the moment), to overcome my reservations and otherwise lack of motivation. This may be the first of many blogs or it may be my last, as well. 😊

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